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CodeIgniter : Framework of PHP

Codeigniter is an Open Source structure dependent on PHP which is utilized to create applications quickly by giving out of the crate libraries that are utilized to interface databases and perform different tasks, for example, sending messages, transferring records, overseeing sessions, and so forth. Its whole source code is near 2MB due to which acing it is simple, streamlining its updation and organization. It has a rich arrangement of usefulness which aides in expanding the speed of site advancement work.

It helps in averting malicious assaults that happens through sites. It depends on Model View Controller design, where the model speaks to the information structures, view is the data that is being displayed, and the controller is the intermeditor imparting between the model, the view, and whatever other assets that are expected to process the HTTP demand and create a site page.

Why choose Globivos for CodeIgnitor ?

At Globivos, Codeigniter is utilized to make your site page quicker giving the best format and special usefulness at all measure of time, promptly accessible giving the customers most extreme fulfilment and trust, which is the most significant for us.

Codeigniter is gainful on the grounds that it’s progressively solid and lightweight which makes a page to work quicker. It is perfect with practically all stages, working frameworks and web servers making the website page accessible on every single stage. Its in-manufactured libraries furnishes page's with top of the line functionalities and highlights offering bother free relocation from server to server and simple customization and arrangement of records


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